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Liposomal model membranes have been used to study the transport of solutes across cellular membranes, elucidate the mechanism of toxin and antimicrobial activity, study the mechanism of action in pesticides, and deliver therapeutic substances to farm animals.


Drug Application

What exactly is meant by the term “liposomes in drug delivery”? Liposomes are vehicles for successfully carrying chemicals into the body, either by aiding absorption directly in the mouth or by avoiding breakdown by stomach acid. Liposomes in a drug delivery may perform any of these functions.


Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetics and personal care products sector is a multi-billion dollar international market and has shown great expansion. To be successful in such a competitive and demanding sector, the products must differentiate, which can be achieved.


Food Industry

In the food industry, liposomes have been used to deliver food flavors and nutrients and more recently have been investigated for their ability to incorporate food antimicrobials that could aid in the protection of food products against growth of spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms.

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