Cutting-edge Bio-Microfluidic Technology

GIBMEC is a cutting-edge technology startup that creates specialized MVPs in the design and development of Microfluidic devices, and Microfluidic chips for a variety of applications including biomedical research, drug discovery, and diagnostics. Our devices are designed to provide accurate, reliable, and efficient results to our audience Interested in investing or becoming customers.


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About Microfluidics

What is microfluidics?

Microfluidics is a term used to describe a class of techniques that are used to create fluid flows at extremely small scales, to the scale of the nanometer. This may be achieved by creating networks of microchannels within a substrate and using electrokinetic flows to transport samples through the channels. Microfluidics also encompasses lab-on-a-chip systems (which are also extremely miniature) and micromachined components. Microfluidics is a vital technology to develop for future point-of-care, patient, and lab-on-a-chip devices. The application of microfluidics in point-of-care devices will include, amongst other things, the development of inexpensive devices which can automatically analyze a range of important fluids, such as saliva and blood, from the environment. Such microfluidic devices could form the basis of tests that would enable doctors and nurses

Gibmec Services and Products

What do we offer at GIBMEC ?


Micrifluidic chip

Gebmac chips are available for a range of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, laboratory, etc. industries.


High-pressure homogenizer

Our high-pressure homogenizer technology supports your product growth in production lines.


Designing micrifluidic chip

We have the knowledge and technology to design and manufacture microfluidic chips.


lithographic services

We provide lithography engineering services for microfluidics and other technologies.

Cosmetic Industry

Food Industry

Drug Application



what industries used microfluidics?

Microfluidics is a fast-growing technology that combines microelectronics, chemistry, optics, and biology to make miniaturized systems for manipulating liquid solutions, including cells and chemicals, on a microscopic scale. It’s already found applications in fields such as medical diagnostics, biology, chemical, food science, and water and wastewater treatment and ect. Microfluidics is now in the stages of its commercialization as a technology platform for new products and applications.

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